When should motorists stop or yield if a pedestrian, runner, bicyclist, etc., is crossing the roadway in front of them? The answer is provided in California Vehicle Code Sections 21949-21971.

VC Section 21950 states: “The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.”

VC Section 21951 states: “Whenever any vehicle has stopped at a marked crosswalk or at any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection to permit a pedestrian to cross the roadway the driver of any other vehicle approaching from the rear shall not overtake and pass the stopped vehicle.”

VC Section 21952 states: “The driver of any motor vehicle, prior to driving over or upon any sidewalk, shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian approaching thereon.”

There is an interesting LA Times REDDIT Q&A discussion titled “PSA: Yield right of way to pedestrians in marked AND unmarked crosswalks”.  Read it at http://bit.ly/1HUOmzN

Read the California Vehicle Code Sections at: http://bit.ly/1REKghn

Bond Shands
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      CV Link is the motor vehicle roadway being designed for use by DMV licensed small electric passenger cars. The route is intended to link eight of the nine valley cities from Palm Springs to Coachella using a 50+ mile route that’s mostly on the Whitewater River channel embankment. These small electric vehicles are currently defined by DMV as having attainable speeds of 20mph but not more than 25mph. Those attainable speed requirements for users of CV Link are not mandatory and the future may see the need for higher speed attainment limits.

     The poor public relations evidenced by the founders and management of the CV Link project has and undoubtedly will continue to represent bad politics for the Coachella Valley bicycling community. The project never benefited from a vote of valley residents, no valley-wide written notices of hearings have ever been mailed and many of the early descriptions and/or promises have changed. These public relations failures may haunt the project for years to come and more so because of the number of undocumented expectations of benefits claimed for the project, that are sure to be exposed as little more than hyperbole intended to sway the masses. When it comes to public projects people don’t quickly forget the promises that failed to materialize along with the project’s completion.

     The dream of most bicyclists is that California become a bicycling mecca, a paradise, one that accords equal treatment to both motorized and non-motorized forms of transportation. There have been many victories and obstacles overcome resulting in bicyclists now having legal rights to use of lanes on public roadways. One of the most significant victories is the requirement that new and upgraded public roadways and bridges include separate lanes for bicycle use. Those lanes can be separated from motor vehicle lanes with a white stripe or a divider. The purpose is the eliminate the sharing of a single lane between motor vehicles and bicycles.

     CV Link is a motor vehicle route that has been legally determined to qualify for Measure “A” roadway transportation funds. In the CVAG June 1, 2015 “Legal Opinion on Use of Measure A funding CV Link” it’s defined as a “highway” and “roadway” as defined in Vehicle Code Sections 360 and 530, for “vehicles” as defined in Vehicle Code Section 670; and one that “has characteristics that make it similar to a typical road improvement” that “would operate as a regional facility initially connecting eight of the nine cities in the Coachella Valley and three Indian reservations.” Therefore, “… a strong argument can be made that the LSEV Component is a “regional road improvement” under Measure A”.

     The fact that the CV Link roadway will not have bicycle lanes separate from motor vehicles represents a setback for the bicycling equal transportation facilities movement. That roadway separation right was one dearly won and allowing a newly constructed roadway to proceed without the need for compliance represents bad politics. In future years the usage characteristics of CV Link may change to meet social, political, tourism or maintenance needs that will result in it its use by vehicles faster than 25mph or in numbers greater than currently anticipated. That’s when the failure to include separate bicycle lanes may become a source of genuine regret. That’s when the real cost of bad politics may be realized.

Bond Shands
June 3, 2015
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     CV Link will be a paved roadway linking valley cities from Palm Springs to Coachella. Most of the route will be constructed on one of the Whitewater River embankments. Its intended use is for slower motorized forms of transportation, such as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), that operate at speeds ranging from 20 to 25 mph. The roadway will also include an adjacent path suitable for pedestrians and slow-moving bicycles. The route’s design will accommodate faster bicycles able to share the roadway’s concrete pavement surface with motorized vehicles.

     The following descriptions are from a recent draft copy of the CVAG Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) plan.

“A Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is a type of Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) that can travel up to 25 mph. NEVs can travel on any public street in the general traffic lane as long as the speed limit is 35mph or less. NEVs can travel on a public street with a speed limit of 40mph or greater if there is a separate lane or path provided. Although this plan focuses on NEVs, dedicated lanes and paths may also benefit golf car operators.”

“According to California State Vehicle Code Section 385.5, NEVs are defined as “low-speed vehicles” and:

a) Having four wheels,

b) Attaining a maximum speed of 20-25 mph on a paved level surface, and

c) Having a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3,000 pounds.”

“NEV drivers must be licensed as motor vehicle drivers and abide by the California State Vehicle Code when operating on street. AB-61 authorizes the County of Riverside or any of its jurisdictions to develop an NEV Transportation plan for a designated plan area. The California Streets and Highway Code sections 1962-1962.8 were established to implement the bill.”

     NEVs are included in the ZEV (Zero-Emissions Vehicles) broad range of electric plug-in vehicles (PEVs) that include Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. CVAG estimates there are currently about 148 PHEVs, 76 BEVs and 440 NEVs in the Coachella Valley and the number is expected to reach 13,000 PEVs by the year 2025. It’s assumed their use will replace short passenger vehicle trips and encompass a “wide range of trip purposes, including commute trips, school, shopping, errands and recreation.”

     The decision to build a new roadway for electric vehicle use was made when it was learned that substantial federal, state and local grant monies would be available for that purpose. The CV Link roadway design will require at least $100 million dollars and a substantial portion of that sum is reportedly available. Public interest in creating and using a NEV roadway network in Coachella Valley has never been independently assessed. There’s been no demonstrable community support for NEV ownership and it’s believed the less than 700 vehicles currently in use are owned by those with wealth sufficient to allow their purchase as an addition to a stable of personal recreation vehicles.

     The original CV Link plan was for a bicycle and pedestrian path – that would NOT require local funding – to be constructed along the Whitewater River embankment. It was touted as a desirably healthy exercise alternative and one expected to produce tourism-related benefits. Claims have been made that it will serve as “a tourist magnet”, “recreational marvel”, benefit “impoverished neighborhoods” and generate tourist dollars. One aspect of these claims that remains unclear is which ones are related to bicycle and pedestrian use and whether any are claimed as benefits from use of NEVs. Some of the benefit claims being made appear farfetched and their credibility cry out for substantiation.

     The latest controversy surrounding CV Link resulted from recently released information about its design and costs. The roadway is planned as a thirty foot wide avenue of pavement and buffer strips necessary to accommodate four-wheel vehicle use together with a separate pedestrian path. Portions of the river embankment have been found not available for CV Link use and the roadway will need to detour onto city streets and communities. Much of the roadway though the City of Rancho Mirage is planned for city streets where it is expected to significantly impact the community areas through which it will go. Another recently released information concern is the revelation that the “will not require local funding” claim is no longer the case. Significant annual funding to be paid by the local communities will be needed in order to cover CV Link operations and maintenance costs. After learning the full extent of the CV Link roadway plans and need for annual funding, the City of Rancho Mirage has taken the lead by insisting the entire project be “slowed down” and that a comprehensive review is made of its design, funding and ways to improve the project’s transparency in order to avoid future surprises of significance.

     There are many who would prefer to see the CV Link electric vehicle roadway plan abandoned in favor of a return to the original bicycle and pedestrian path that has community support. It’s clearly a waste, and perhaps abuse, of public funds to throw $100 million into a roadway that’s unneeded, mostly unwanted and one that has little chance of receiving substantial use from the 700+ battery-operated vehicles currently in the community. It’s a black mark on our entire public financial system that so much in the way of taxpayer funds are available for arcane projects like the CV Link roadway and yet other infrastructure and human existence needs are allowed to remain untended. The completion of the CV Link electric vehicle roadway should not be a cause for general celebration. Despite the elation over a new bicycle path, it will still carry the stigma of a shameful public funding boondoggle.

Bond Shands
Desert Political Opinion at www.DesertObserver.com
The Notebook at www.BondShands.com
May 29, 2015


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      In an editorial dated May 18, 2015, titled “Our Voice: Rancho Mirage mayor lashes out in path fight“, the Desert Sun newspaper’s management mounts a strong attack on Mayor Dana Hobart’s character. The editorial is filled with the newspaper’s accusatory claims and would have readers believe Hobart’s prudent concerns for the well-being of the City of Rancho, of which he is an elected public servant, are not the reason for his questions about the costs, design and management of the CV-Link bicycle-pedestrian-Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEVs) path that’s planned for the Coachella Valley.

     The editorial includes a number of spurious claims that are not supported by facts nor warranted by other information. Defamation of Hobart’s reputation appears to be the single purpose behind the editorial. The following are some of the specious statements made in the editorial about Mayor Hobart.

…..  “flailing in some of his responses to critics and others, including The Desert Sun,”

…..  “he sought leverage in the dispute with a threat of possibly further bogging down CV Link”

…..  “strategy of threatening the entire project”

…..  “lashing out at those telling the entire story”

…..  making “arguments in a way that elicited his own praise”

     The full editorial may be read or shared using the following link: http://desert.sn/1S3Ekhi

     Mayor Hobart posted a rebuttal to the editorial under the newspaper story’s online Comments section. His full response is quoted below.

 Dana Hobart
Rancho Mirage, California

That the newspaper supports the CV Link without knowing anything at all about Who Will Have to Pay and How Much over the long term debt obligations that the project will impose is a luxury cities cannot afford.

Mark Twain advised against getting into disputes with those who buy ink by the barrel. Good advice which I have tried to follow. But when a reporter tells the public in sinister fashion that I told him to destroy a document, which he knew had no relevance to anything, and regardless would have remained in the hands of the CVAG Executive Director and his Legal Counsel, a response is required.

I sent an email to Mr. Kirk indicating that we planned to submit 5 motions (which I identified by title only) to be placed on the CVAG Executive Committees June 1, 2015 agenda. The email went to Executive Director Tom Kirk and CVAGs legal counsel and three members of Rancho Mirage staff. Later I decided not to go forward with one of the motions. The reporter asked for and received a copy of this email from CVAG. When the reporter asked me about this email I told him I had changed my mind on the motion and suggested he could destroy his copy of the document as it was no longer relevant.

Subsequently, I praised the reporter for getting the facts out; however, I was critical of him for fabricating a controversy that had no basis in fact making it appear I made an unethical request to destroy his copy of an email I had to sent five others. (Email me at GDanaHobart@aol.com if you want a copy of that email.)

To speculate at my motives, as the newspaper does (Hobarts actions suggest he sought leverage) is the worst of journalistic practices. If a story cannot stand on its own feet, assign some sinister motivation lurking behind the scenes? Our 4 motions were adequate and we decided against the contemplated 5th motion. In essence I explained that the original intention was reduced by one. How could eliminating the motion gain me or the City leverage? The suggestion is absurd.

Two things have motivated me to fight this battle, First, to protect the residents of Rancho Mirage from becoming locked into a project that carries with it significant long term monetary risks. Second, neither I nor our council will be bullied or maneuvered into approving a CV Link route through Rancho Mirage that changes the nature of our community or our quality of life. The CV Link and apparently the newspaper are angry because we wont approve a route going along Highway 111. Or build a charging station on our Library property! What other city has CV Link going down Highway 111? The idea is preposterous.

A third motivation how arises: To defend myself from the cheap shots of the press trying to make it appear I said to destroy something of importance. And to then speculate about why.
It is an old debate tactic: if you cant beat them on the facts, then make up a motive and shoot the messenger.

From day one my message has been this: CVAG has no acceptable plan to pay for the decades of operations and maintenance costs this project will generate. They have spent somewhere between $1M and $5M in design and related expenses. Yet, after three years of work on the project there is no answer to the question, Who Pays and How Much? That may be OK for those who bear no financial responsibility, but in Rancho Mirage that is an important, unanswered question.

—– End of Mayor Hobart’s rebuttal. —–

      I find it extremely distressing to witness the power of the press being used to intimidate and possibly silence a critic who shares positions that differ from their own. In my opinion the Desert Sun’s editorial represents a shameful attack upon the character and integrity of one who has the best interests of his community at heart. It’s for that reason that I’ve added my name by posting my own comments in rebuttal to the Desert Sun newspaper’s editorial. The following is a copy of my statement.

 Bond Shands commented on an article.

Desert Sun Attacks Rancho Mirage Mayor Dana Hobart

.      What I had assumed would be a simple Desert Sun response to Mayor Hobart’s challenging the newspaper’s reporting turned out not to be the case. The paper’s editors have mounted a frontal attack against Mayor Hobart’s character, apparently out of pique over his fearless daring to question their “4th Estate” right to serve as our valley’s unquestioned arbiters.

.      The Desert Sun’s reporting of what Mayor Hobart may have said differs between their May 17th and May 19th stories. In the first one they quote the mayor without accurate context as:

“However, thinking that he might have accidentally given the document to a reporter, Hobart said, ‘Please destroy it.'”

.      Today’s May 19th story quotes the Mayor’s actual email in which he wrote “No, that is not to be a motion. My mistake it was apparently in among the others. Please destroy it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.”

.      As is evident, context is everything. The newspaper’s reporter failed to accurately include context and instead decided to make it appear that Mayor Hobart was requesting something be covered up. Today’s journalistic instincts often remain little different from those initially used by Randolph Hearst in order to sell newspapers. Don’t report everything, just stuff that makes for a good story. Those instincts appear alive and well in the halls of the Desert Sun newspaper.

.      I remain disappointed in the Desert Sun’s insistence that theirs is the only voice that counts with respect to so many valley issues. There have been a number of instances in which it was clear they acted without basing it on all the relevant information, acted based on opinion rather than facts, went for headlines over substance, or chose to place business advertising community interests first. The newspaper’s determination to act as a “voice of authority” in their editorial denunciation of Mayor Dana Hobart adds more fuel to the fire of their disappointing personal agenda. When they accuse the mayor of “lashing out” perhaps they should step outside the ring and take a look at their own actions for their record, in this instance, is not only a very poor one, but one that smells of hypocrisy.

.      Mayor Dana Hobart has taken a courageous stand in questioning CV-Link’s departure from the original promises to new ones that significantly differ from those that produced initial valley community support. The latest CV-Link design devotes the majority of the path for use by Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) – not quite the healthy benefit the route was intended to achieve. The original plans said the route “will not require local funding”, and yet it’s now reported future annual operating costs must be paid by the community. And the original plan called for a path along the embankment of the Whitewater River channel. That too has turned out not to be the case for the portion through Rancho Mirage is being designed to run along its city streets. The Desert Sun was one of many who rushed in and voiced full un-wavering support for CV-Link. They’ve since endorsed a call for answers to questions but their support shows no sign of weakening. They continue to bolster claims CV-Link will serve as “a tourist magnet”, “recreational marvel”, it will benefit “impoverished neighborhoods” and generate tourist dollars (presumably from the hoards who will flock to the valley in order to ride the trail on bikes or in NEVs). They haven’t yet claimed it will bring about world peace, but the bucket for absurd claims appears bottomless, so don’t be surprised if more ridiculous promises of CV-Link benefits surface.

.      I applaud Mayor Hobart for the stand he and his city have taken with respect to CV-Link design, funding and management questions. He deserves better than cheap attacks on his character by Desert Sun editorial writers. The mayor quoted Mark Twain’s advice “against getting into disputes with those who buy ink by the barrel”. The Desert Sun has wasted too much from their ink barrel on attacking one whose only purpose is to care for the best interests of the city in which he was elected to serve. Is it so wrong (or even shocking) to find an elected public servant who really has the best interests of his constituents at heart?

.      Good work, Mayor Hobart. Thanks for being the voice so many need to have raised on their behalf. I enthusiastically applaud your efforts seeking a realistic approach to the proposed CV-Link dream so that it can proceed towards completion in a manner that warrants full community support.

Bond Shands
“Daily Morning Bicyclist”

—– End of Bond Shands’ rebuttal. —–

Bond Shands
May 19, 2015
Desert Political Opinion at www.DesertObserver.com
The Notebook at www.bondshands.com

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     Rancho Mirage mayor Dana Hobart appears to have been the victim of a deliberate intent to defame his character by a Desert Sun reporter. In today’s $100M CV Link project faces funding questions story in the newspaper by Jessee Marx, the reporter includes selective portions of  his interview with Mayor Hobart. The result is the appearance of questionable integrity on the part of the mayor. Mayor Hobart authored an email to the  community protesting and documenting the misrepresentation. He requested that all forward copies to their friends. 

     A copy of that email proving the misrepresentation appears below. Click here to download a copy of the email.

Bond Shands
Daily Morning Bicyclist
May 17, 2015
Desert Political Opinion at www.DesertObserver.com
The Notebook at www.bondshands.com

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Desert Sun Reporter Misrepresents Interview With Mayor Hobart


     The following is a copy of an email to the community from Rancho Mirage Mayor Dana Hobart.

From: Gdanahobart@aol.com
Full-name: Gdanahobart
Date: Sun, 17 May 2015 01:01:15 -0400
Subject: Fwd: Correcting a Flagrant Desert Sun Misrepresentation

Dear All: 

This email has to do with an article that will appear tomorrow in the Desert Sun, but which appeared online tonight. I was aghast to read a very nasty sentence in that article. A comment that has been severely distorted because the context was omitted. What appears below is evidence that the implication drawn from the comment is false.

On May 3, 2015, on behalf of the City I sent an email notifying Tom Kirk, Executive Director of CVAG, of a list of Motions we anticipated placing on the June 1, 2015, Executive Committee Agenda for discussion and vote.  During the week that followed we decided not to present one listed item and to change another for the June 1st agenda.  (Our slightly modified Motions  will be filed this coming week.) I told the reporter he could destroy the earlier list as it has been superceded. He reported that I told him to flatly destroy the list, but without putting the statement in the appropriate context. He intentionally made it sound like I was telling him to hide something by destroying it, during our meeting a week or so ago.

A few days after the reporter and I had met at city hall, the he telephoned me and said he had a copy of the email I had sent to Mr. Kirk regarding the intended Motions I was intending to file so they could be discussed by the Executive Committee. I told him that was the original list we had submitted. I told him we had changed our minds about a couple of the motions and that his document was an old, outdated sheet at this time. I told him to ignore the old list. He says I said to destroy the old list; I may have; I really don’t recall using the word but certainly may have. If I did,  it was in the context of that list now being out of date and unreliable concerning the motions we were then intending to file.

 The way he wrote that part of the article made it sound like I was trying to persuade him to destroy something relevant and important. People who know me would never believe I would do such a thing for any reason. But the newspaper is read by many who do not know me, so I have to detail exactly what the context was for the comment in the hope that word gets around. 

Fortunately, there is proof the reporter is misleading the reader, and not accidentally.

The document in question is presented in its entirety below. As any fool can see, it is copied to many people, including the CVAG Executive Director and the CVAG Attorney, Toni Eggebraaten. Therefore, if I had any interest in “destroying” the document, I had a lot of others to persuade, including Tom Kirk, the CVAG Executive Director as well as his

Attorney, not to mention the Rancho Mirage attorney, our finance director and our city manager.

Sometimes reporters cannot resist taking cheap shots with no substance to support them. It brings more attention to their writings, I suppose. This is one such example. This is what the article states:

The Desert Sun obtained Hobart’s email request through California’s public records law. However, thinking that he might have accidentally given the document to a reporter, Hobart said, “Please destroy it.” He would go on to say that he no longer intended to reopen the matching air quality mitigation funds at the June 1 meeting. 

I wanted you all to see the context of this deceptive and misleading journalistic exhibition.  You should read the entire article because our arguments are persuasive regarding the CV Link. As you may discern from the content of the email, there would be no reason whatsoever for me to ask some stranger cub reporter to join me in a scheme to destroy meaningful data. It was just an outdated document that half a dozen people had received.

Here is a copy of the email in question.

From: Gdanahobart@aol.com To: tkirk@cvag.org CC: randyb@RanchoMirageCA.gov, steveq@qalawyers.com, isaiahh@RanchoMirageCA.gov, tjweill@yahoo.com, Toni@EggebraatenLaw.com BCC: GDanaHobart@aol.com Sent: 5/3/2015 3:13:28 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Subj: Re: Request for Items on June Exec. Comm. Agenda

Sent a second time within one minute because first attempt did not properly identify Tom Kirk’s email address. Corrected with this email.  Sorry for the error. Relevant message follows:

Hi Tom:

The City of Rancho Mirage formally requests the following Action Items be placed on the Agenda for our June 2015 meeting. Please inform me of the latest date to provide you with the equivalent of a staff report (which we can entitle City’s Report or whatever you suggest).

The request to have these matters placed on the June Agenda is pursuant to the CONDUCT OF CVAG MEETINGS manual, Section VII C (page 11).

  1. Motion to Retain a Major Los Angeles Law Firm to provide the Executive Committee and interested others with a Legal Opinion concerning whether Measure A funds may legally be expended to assist in the payment of future Operations and Maintenance expenses related to the CV Link.
  2. Motion to Appoint a Committee of Three Executive Committee members, including the member from Rancho Mirage, to select the law firm to be retained and to provide such law firm with such relevant data that may be needed to form such an opinion.
  3. Motion to Forthwith Commence the Process of Convening an all-day Joint Meeting in June or Julyof all CVAG cities for the purpose of having an open discussion of all issues relevant to the issue of CV Link’s Operations and Maintenance expenses, projected expenses in the future, and how such expenses are to be paid and by whom. Invited to such meeting from each city will be at least two council members, the City Manager, the Finance Director, and the Public Works Director.

In addition to the foregoing issues and motions, the City of Rancho Mirage asks to be on the June Agenda regarding the following:

Motion to Reconsider the Decision at the February 27, 2012, Executive Meeting at which permission was given for CVAG to use “CVAG Transportation Funds to be used as a potential match as long as such funding does not delay construction of any currently obligated project or delay any other pending high priority project.” Rancho Mirage will provide the equivalent of a staff report concerning the reasons and justification for this motion. (This motion is made pursuant to the CONDUCT OF CVAG MEETINGS manual, section XI, p. 16.)

Please advise me of the last day to submit the equivalent of a staff report, other data and/or any exhibits.

Thank you for your cooperation in achieving the foregoing.


Dana Hobart
City of Rancho Mirage


 Please excuse my bothering you but integrity must be defended when challenged. Those of us in public life who have little or no integrity can accomplish little or nothing. I consider my integrity and willingness to fight the hard battles worth fighting to preserve.

Best personal regards to you all.


Please forward this email to your friends who may be interested.


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The Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) plan to build a new CV Link vehicle road along the Whitewater River embankment faces many hurdles. Their view that speeding motorized vehicles and slower-moving bicycles can safely coexist on their proposed two-lane highway runs counter to prevailing examples and studies. And proposing to construct a trail that does not conform to existing valley cities’ Non-Motorized Transportation Plans begs the question whether there are any practices and standards to which CVAG planners adhere.

CV Link Golf Cart Highway: Significant Issues

Palm Springs, California.  The proposed CV Link Electric Vehicle Highway (EV Highway or Golf Cart Highway) will span a 52 mile series of interconnected streets and Whitewater River embankment routes from Desert Hot Springs to Coachella. The design intent is to create a specialized Multimodal route for use by motorized and non-motorized users such as electric vehicles, bicyclists and others. It won’t qualify as a legal Bicycle Path and is not intended as one. There will be two lanes for vehicles along with a third one for pedestrians. The motorized lanes will include sufficient roadbed width to accommodate 4-wheel vehicles (of varying size, speed capabilities or road worthiness).

Although promoted as an Electric Vehicle (EV) route, no physical barriers are planned that will prohibit use by other vehicles. In addition to Electric Vehicles the wide two-lane roadbed could see use by non-electric vehicles, dune buggies, go-carts and other types of fast moving entertainment/transportation conveyances. Bicyclists and motorized vehicles will share the roadway in the same manner as currently exists on other city streets and highways. What is missing from the design, and it’s a serious omission, are the dedicated bicycle lanes required for all new streets, bridges and highways. Since CV Link will not meet Bicycle Path standards, and it will be a public vehicle route, a revised design that includes dedicated bicycle lanes should be prepared. Separation of bicycles from speeding motorized traffic is the goal of the mandatory bicycle lane requirement and CV Link should not be exempt.

After the CV Link highway is built CVAG designers may wash their hands and walk away. They are not the ones responsible for the route following completion of construction. Each valley city will be responsible for that portion of the CV Link within their city limits. Route maintenance, usage regulation, policing and safety issues will be the responsibility of the cities. Annual costs each city must bear to support their portion of the route are unknown, as is also the case with the type and frequency of maintenance, usage regulation (speed limits, signage, etc.), police access and patrol, and general safety concerns. Before walking away CVAG should prepare a series of recommendations cities would be expected to follow with respect to their support responsibilities. Without a uniform set of support standards the quality of the route may differ, and even deteriorate, from city to city.

All valley cities currently have Non-Motorized Transportation Plans (NMTP) that classifies routes. The CV Link Multimodal Route does not qualify as an NMTP route. Existing NMTP route classifications include the following:

  • Class I Bikeways
  • Class II Bikeways
  • Class III Bikeways
  • Paved Multipurpose Paths
  • Sidewalk Paths
  • Hiking/Equestrian Trails
  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Golf Cart Lanes

CV Link roadbed needs will require the sacrifice of a number of Class I Bikeway routes to obtain their rights-of-way. Those Bikeway paths will become part of the CV Link highway and no longer qualify as non-motorized transportation trails. Routes that may be affected include the Jenkins Trail and Tahquitz Creek route in Palm Springs, Whitewater River bicycle path in Cathedral City, and Butler-Abrams Trail in Rancho Mirage. The sacrifice of Class I Bikeways, which are shared with pedestrians, in order to serve the motorized vehicle community, will represent a backward step in the move to promote such healthful exercise activities as bicycling, walking and jogging, etc. away from motorized vehicles.

It would be unfortunate if bicycling supportive cities such as Palm Springs permitted Multimodal routes to replace any of their Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Bikeways. And, if a CV Link useable by fast moving vehicles is constructed without dedicated bicycle lanes, valley cities should consider whether that approach is one best for their community.

Bond Shands

Desert Political Opinion at www.DesertObserver.com

June 9, 2013

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A new 52 mile Golf Cart Highway is in the planning stages that will link all desert cities. The Coachella Valley Association of Governments has changed the focus of their proposed Whitewater River trail from a walking-running-bicycling path to one designed for motorized electric vehicles. Their new plan, essentially a Golf Cart Highway, includes a wide roadbed for electric powered vehicles together with an adjacent smaller path for individual use.

The Valley’s New “CV Link” Golf Cart Highway

Palm Springs, California. Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) officials have a new name for their proposed 52 mile trail adjacent to the Whitewater River wash. The previous “Parkway 1e11” name has been replaced by “CV Link”. The change was revealed during a public “dog and pony show” type presentation by trail planners in Palm Springs on Tuesday evening, June 4th.

The purpose of the public presentation was to publicize decisions made by CVAG officials. Their process appears rather autocratic and the meeting made clear past and future trail planning decisions would be made by hired outside consultants, a contracted public relations firm and CVAG staff members. Although public comment and other input will be accepted the views of the community may not greatly impact the process. Certainly the rather secretive method that resulted in the name change is indicative of the autocratic process.

There is a new aspect to the trail that had not previously been made known. CVAG staff appears to have abandoned the non-motorized trail concept and now propose to include electric motor vehicles. The change will be result in a 52 mile Golf Cart Highway along the river bed embankment. The latest design shows a 30 foot-wide swath of road bed will be required for the two-lane Golf Cart Highway along with an adjacent smaller path for runners, walkers and other non-motorized users. CVAG planners labeled the shared use concept as “multi-modal”. It’s claimed the trail will be of national significance, presumably because no other public trail combines a Golf Cart Highway with a promenade designed for individual movement activities.

The original cost of the trail was estimated to be $80 million and $47 million in funding has since been obtained. What is not known is how much the addition of a double-wide trail to accommodate a Golf Cart Highway will require in additional funding costs. Another aspect yet to be documented is whether all segments of the 52 mile route will accommodate a 30 foot wide right-of-way. None of these and similar hard questions were answered during the public presentation. What is known is that the planning phase is expected to continue, at substantial cost, for several years and actual construction will not occur before the year 2016. CVAG’s Trail planning has clearly embarked on a different course than that originally envisioned and it may yet evolve beyond the Golf Cart Highway into something even more grandiose.

Is funding a 52 mile Golf Cart Highway an appropriate use for trail funds? Is there sufficient funding available to guarantee its completion? Will it be possible to secure the rights to build a 30 foot wide highway and trail along the Whitewater River wash route? Answers are needed for these and other questions.

“CV Link” is a rather poor, unimaginative choice of names. Perhaps planners should consider substituting the descriptive “CV Golf Cart Highway” as the one more appropriate.

Bond Shands

Desert Political Opinion at www.DesertObserver.com

June 5, 2013

All comments are welcome and should be sent to comments@desertobserver.com.
If intended for posting below please include FOR PUBLICATION in the message.

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The Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) is using “Parkway 1e11” as the name of the proposed valley trail along the Whitewater River wash. The route needs a new name, a good name and one that results from community involvement.

Whitewater River “Parkway 1e11” Trail Needs A Good Name

Palm Springs, California
.  The Coachella Valley Association of Governments’ (CVAG) “Parkway 1e11” name for the proposed Whitewater River path/route/trail/etc. is neither descriptive nor meaningful. The new trail is intended for use by walkers, runners, bicyclists and non-motorized vehicles. It will run much of the length of the valley and connect nearly all existing cities. The route deserves a first class name.

A route naming goal should represent an opportunity to produce something that inspires, elicits visions and expectations, and most importantly will serve to sell the actual trail project. It should be a name that reflects just how special the river path concept is – now and throughout the future. It should be a name that, if possible, suggests possibilities. The name should serve to attract enthusiastic interest in the path and its use for exercise, excursions and safe outings away from vehicle noise, exhaust emissions and roadway dangers.

It may be there is no appropriate combination of words describing the trail that inspire, command attention and sell the product. Nevertheless, time and attention should be given to seeking the best possible name choice before throwing in the towel in favor of the mundane.

The CVAG “Parkway 1e11” river trail needs broad community support if its full funding requirements are to be met. And, as is known, the breadth of that support is currently rather narrow. Ample positive publicity is needed in order to attract more community involvement. Selection of a name for the route represents such a promotional publicity opportunity, and one that should not be ignored.

What may be appropriate is a community contest to name the new route and it should be the next step in trail promotional planning. The three-fold results would be –

  • a name for the new trail,
  • community involvement, and
  • positive publicity.

Marketing the contest to schools, community groups and the media will represent an opportunity to generate interest and enthusiasm. The costs of the promotion, including cash prizes for selected winner(s), would be dwarfed by the return in support and goodwill that results from including everyone. And it would certainly facilitate the stated goal an activity intended to serve the entire valley community.

Bond Shands

Desert Political Opinion at www.DesertObserver.com

May 31, 2013

All comments are welcome and should be sent to comments@desertobserver.com.
If intended for posting below please include FOR PUBLICATION in the message.

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A reference listing of information about the proposed Whitewater River Parkway available from the Coachella Valley Association of Governments.

The Whitewater River Parkway Project

Palm Springs, California.
  The proposed Whitewater River Parkway is intended as an “electric vehicle/bicycle/walking path” extending from Palm Springs to Coachella, with a possible link to Desert Hot Springs. The project is one envisioned by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG).

The following notes are from the CVAG website:

  • CVAG was formed in 1973 under California’s Joint Powers Law to address issues of valley-wide significance.
  • Today, CVAG works on a variety of projects important to the Coachella Valley, both as the lead agency and as part of larger teams.
  • CVAG is evaluating a project that would connect all nine Coachella Valley cities with a neighborhood electric vehicle/bicycle/walking path. The parkway would extend along the Whitewater River from Palm Springs to Coachella with a connection to Desert Hot Springs.
a ParkWay 1e11 for the 21st Century

The CVAG website ParkWay page lists the following documents, reports and newspaper articles related to the project.


Any of the articles may be downloaded from CVAG by clicking on the underlined description.  Some of the documents are rather large in size and may require a dedicated Internet connection link in order to successfully download. The PARKway 1e11 Frequently Asked Questions is a three-page document. It is suggested as the first item to read. The eight-page Summary of Dr. Husing’s Economic Analysis of Parkway 1e11 is suggested as the second item on the list to read.

For more information about CVAG or the Whitewater River Parkway project, contact:

Coachella Valley Association of Governments
73-710 Fred Waring Drive, Suite #200
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Phone: (760) 346-1127
Fax: (760) 340-5949
Email: cvag@cvag.org

The CVAG website at http://www.cvag.org has more information.

Bond Shands
Palm Springs
June 21, 2012

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