Mass Mailing Targets Desert Sun Executive Editor

      A mass mailing, of unknown size, postmarked Phoenix AZ June 2, 2015 , was received Friday, June 5, 2015 by an undetermined number of recipients in the Palm Springs community. The business letter-size envelopes are printed in large bold characters with the phrase “Learn what Greg Burton, Executive Editor of The Desert Sun is trying to hide“. The contents consist of an unsigned cover letter titled “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” together with an “Arrest Photo” image reproduced at the top of the page, copies of a 4-page Riverside Superior Court Criminal Case Report, and what appears to be a square coaster titled “Justice Delayed = Justice Denied” above a photo titled “The Desert Sun Editor Greg Burton”. The photo on the coaster appears identical to the Arrest Photo reproduced on the cover letter. The paper coaster has the appearance of red beverage stains imprinted on it.

     The Criminal Case Report document describes Case INM-1307093 dated 08/09/2013 with Arrest Charges identified as VC M23152(A) Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Severity code M. The report indicates court hearings have been continued 13 times and the next hearing date listed is June 15, 2015. There are no adverse court actions relating to probation requirements, driver license suspension nor bail requirements noted in the record. The Criminal Case Report document bears what appears to be a print date of 5/5/2015 which may indicate it was copied on May 5th.

     The sender’s accompanying “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” letter notes a refusal “to take any chemical test” occurred, only one very short article ran in The Desert Sun, there have been 13 continued court dates, and it closes by questioning whether special treatment has been accorded Greg Burton.

     Court documents are public records and copies are available. Whether the same applies to Arrest Photos is unknown. Sending the documents through the mail does not appear to represent any type of violation or legal prohibition and, since the content primarily consists of a public record, no slander or character assassination appears to exist.

     There have been many questions raised in various online social forums by those who received copies of the mailing. Among those posted online are:

  • 1.  Who prepared and sent the mass mailing?
  • 2.  What is the purpose behind the mass mailing?
  • 3.  How many letters were mailed and were all the recipient addresses in Palm Springs?
  • 4.  Why has knowledge of the mass mailing’s receipt not appeared in the local media?
  • 5.  Why have court hearings been continued 13 times since the actual 2013 DUI arrest?
  • 6.  Are there legitimate reasons why the case has been continued?
  • 7.  Is it appropriate to claim “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” with respect to the case?

     It should also be noted the online social forums include comments by some who are offended at having received the mailing. The most common reason noted is the mailings anonymity because it is unsigned and there is no return address.

     This is political election season in Palm Springs for voters will be asked to decide who will be elected as mayor, who will fill two city council seats and who will fill two Desert Water Agency seats on its Board of Directors. Whether the mass mailing is an election season offering, or not, remains unknown. What is known is that none of the known candidates for any of these offices has been mentioned as the sender or otherwise involved. It’s for that reason that many believe the mailing represents something other than an election season campaign product.

     The mailing addressed to me has been photocopied and the results available for viewing or downloading using the link below.

Bond Shands
June 7, 2015
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