Ginny Foat – Next Palm Springs Mayor

     With the announcement by Mayor Stephen Pougnet that he would not be seeking another term the question immediately became who will be his replacement. Measure J Commissioner Robert Moon had already announced his candidacy for mayor in advance of Pougnet’s statement. Today, June  18th, City Council member Ginny Foat is announcing her own candidacy for election to the mayoral position this November. The filing period for November’s candidates is not until July and already two major contenders are actively campaigning for the seat. And, considering the number of days until the early August filing date cutoff, voters may see more mayoral candidates on the campaign trail.

     Robert Moon is a decorated military veteran, successful businessman, city commissioner and is involved with, or a member of, numerous local activities and organizations. His candidacy platform is one in which he promises to be a full-time mayor who best represents significant change in the way city affairs are handled. A difficulty his campaign quest for mayor faces is its start-from-behind uphill battle. He lacks the name recognition, funding, connections and number of contacts that serve to benefit other candidates. He’s seldom been spotlighted or otherwise in the public eye. It’s very difficult to get the attention of a  significant number of voters in the short time that remains before ballots are cast in October and November. His quest remains an uphill battle.

     Ginny Foat has been a fixture in city politics since 2003. She has served on the city council since that time and sailed through several re-elections without serious difficulty. Her current incumbency status on the council gives her the edge – a head start in the quest for mayor. She has about as much local name recognition as is possible to obtain. Foat has a lock on the downtown business community vote, the women’s community vote, the outgoing mayor’s support, the endorsement of too many in the community to list, lots of campaign works waiting to get started, as much money-money-money as may be needed, and the LGBT community vote may split in her favor. The race for mayor is her’s to lose! She has lots of negatives, detractors, unpleasant ancient history issues (though mentioned so many times they’ve reached the yawn state), and a reputation for being dismissive, unforgiving, rude and sometimes unpleasant. Those negatives, little different from many others holding similar political positions, failed to sway voters in the past and there’s little reason to believe they’ll have any effect on her quest for mayor. That race is definitely “her’s to lose!”.

     Making political predictions is always risky for intervening events before ballots are cast could serve to change the entire character of the mayoral race. Suffice it to way that if balloting were to occur today, tomorrow or even next month, it would be foolish to place bets on anyone other than Ginny Foat as the winning candidate. The list of advantages that favor her provide a huge head-start in the race. The financial support and campaign workers needed by another to overcome her lead show little promise of being there. Ginny Foat will be the next Mayor of Palm Springs.

Bond Shands
Twitter Handle: @BondShands

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