Palm Springs 2015 Election Reports Summary

          I have published six documents that discuss the 2015 Palm Springs mayoral and city council elections. The coverage includes candidate information, campaign issues and voter statistics. The six documents, listed below, are available for viewing or downloading using the appropriate link. All may be freely copied and/or reproduced – and distribution to others is encouraged.

Palm Springs Local Election Issues  –   use following link.
(Subtitled: Twenty-six or more reasons to NOT vote for an Incumbent)

Palm Springs Local Election Candidates Listing – use following link.

Palm Springs Mayoral Candidate Statements –  use following link.

Palm Springs City Council Candidate Statements  –  use following link.

“The Ideal City Council Candidate” Request List – use following Link

Palm Springs Political & Population Demographic Statistics – use following link.

The following document includes each of the above reports combined into a single file.

Palm Springs Political Election Reports Booklet – use following link.

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