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Rob Moon   –   Geoff Kors  –   J.R. Roberts

.          I recently compiled a list of questions titled “Palm Springs Local Election Issues“. It was also sub-titled “Twenty-six reasons to NOT vote for an Incumbent“. That list included many of my personal concerns about local issues and those currently holding political office in the City of Palm Springs. I concluded that our city needs greater transparency with respect to all government issues, more attention paid to the spirit and letter of ethics legal requirements, more citizen involvement in city finances and the budget process, more community involvement in public works department activities and city council members who are open to input from all residents – including those with unwelcome opinions.

.          It’s my belief that fresh blood – new faces – are needed and for that reason will not be voting for anyone currently holding a city council position. Use the following link to view or download a copy of the “Palm Springs Local Election Issues” questions.

.          My choice for mayor is Rob Moon.

.          My choices for city council members are Geoff Kors and J.R. Roberts.

Rob Moon- Geoff Kors - JR Roberts

Rob Moon website:

Geoff Kors website:

J.R. Roberts website:

 .          I hope my fellow residents will be making the same choices. Also, if I had a third choice for city council it would be Jim King.

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