SHoPS and PON Seek Short Term Rental Controls

Press Release
December 16, 2015

SHoPS and PON join forces to protect Palm Springs’
residential neighborhoods and small businesses

Marla Malaspina
Steering Committee and Neighborhood Outreach
Protect Our Neighborhoods PS

Small Hotels of Palm Springs (SHoPS) and Protect our Neighborhoods (PON) are proud to announce they are joining forces to promote and protect both the quality of life in Palm Springs neighborhoods and the livelihood of small businesses owners and their employees by advocating an approach to regulating vacation rentals that balances the needs of residents and small businesses with the city’s desire for revenue.

In every month since February 2014 the number of legal short term vacation rentals has increased year-over-year by double digits, and now exceeds 1,600 properties. These vacation rentals reduce the quality of life in residential neighborhoods both by replacing full-time neighbors with a constant flow of strangers and by creating opportunities for rowdy visitors to disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.

And by diverting visitors to de facto hotels masquerading as residential properties – which allows them to avoid the many strict regulations which regular hotels must comply with, such as facilities in conformity with the Americans With Disabilities Act – vacation rentals harm the owners and employees of small hotels, inns and other small businesses whose livelihood depends on hosting visitors to Palm Springs.

The arrival of a new Mayor and an invigorated City Council offers the opportunity for the city and its residents to take a fresh look at the role of vacation rentals in the life and commerce of our city. SHoPS and PON look forward to playing an active cooperative role in that reassessment.

Small Hotels of Palm Springs (SHoPS) is a Not-for-Profit Corporation, formed in 2004, grouping over twenty-five smaller independently owned and operated resorts, hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts. As with other tourist-oriented businesses in Palm Springs, they employ hundreds of Palm Springs residents to operate and maintain their properties.

Protect our Neighborhoods (PON) is a group of local residents devoted to protecting the quality of life in Palm Springs’ residential neighborhoods in the face of the ongoing uncontrolled growth of vacation rentals in our city.

David Shahriari Tom Stansbury
President Co-Founder
Small Hotels of Palm Springs Protect Our Neighborhoods PS



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