Vacation Rental Reform Needed in Palm Springs

          According to reports the number of licensed vacation rental properties in Palm Springs continues to grow. These properties are almost all located in residential neighborhood communities. The manner in which vacationing tenants use the properties is one that continues to aggravate neighbors who may be exposed to loud noises, late night partying, parking and traffic congestion and other quality of life issues. Complaints from those exposed to these types of activities continue to abound and the lack of meaningful response by city officials has prompted formation of a community partnership to insist that city action occur.


           It’s clear the concerns about vacation rental problems exist in many neighborhoods. Those directly affected deserve the attention of city officials. Implementation of steps to ensure that vacation rental activity does not adversely impact neighborhood quality of life issues remains to be achieved. Until that degree of residential equality exists, city officials should not rest, and no measure – including elimination of vacation rentals – should be considered exempt from the list of solutions needed to adequately achieve meaningful results. If current city ordinances are inadequate to remedy neighborhood vacation rental quality of life issues, then a new or amended ordinance should be created to address all concerns.


          Two groups, Protect Our Neighborhoods and Small Hotels of Palm Springs (SHoPS), are jointly “advocating an approach to regulating vacation rentals that balances the needs of residents and small businesses with the city’s desire for revenue”. These organizations are asking that something be done – a process started – and a solution devised with the clear intent of addressing vacation rental quality of life issues. No residential community should be treated differently from others when it comes to basic quality of life issues. Protect Our Neighborhoods and Small Hotels of Palm Springs deserve our support for their calm, reasonable efforts. They deserve our applause for working together to achieve better living conditions for Palm Springs residential communities impacted by vacation rental activities. And vacation rental properties in neighborhood communities need to be closely regulated to prevent their use in a manner that adversely lowers residential quality of life.


          Read “Groups seek pause on Palm Springs vacation rentals” in The Desert Sun:


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