Finally! Recognition – at last!

Last week while attending the mid-week session of my Contract Bridge group, the Director called me over and said he had a request to make. Would I be willing to serve as “Plan C“. The Director explained that next month he would not be able to participate in the weekly session and that the Assistant Director would be absent, as well. That required the operation be handled in accordance with “Plan C” – meaning me. Naturally, and without hesitation, I accepted.

Now that I’m soon to be recognized as “Plan C” it leaves me wondering how others will handle my introductions. Naturally they’ll wish to introduce me as “The Honorable Plan C” on occasions where formal address language forms are appropriate. What about other occasions when folks with whom I’m not acquainted need to address me? What format should they use?

It’s customary for Popes, English royalty and nobility to be addressed using the format in which the first name of the individual follows the title. Prince Bond, Sir Bond, etc., would suggest that “Plan C Bond” is an appropriate form of address. Then there’s the courtesy form of recognition used when addressing government officials. That format is to have the individual’s last name follow the title. President Shands, Premier Shands, Secretary Shands, etc., suggest that “Plan C Shands” is the way to go. Clearly this is an issue in need of definitive clarification.

If I’m unable to resolve the question of the appropriate manner in which my new title is to be used, the best solution may be to take the fake humility route and simply reject it as inappropriate for a citizen in a Democratic society. There are lots of public role models for taking that step (the fake humility thing) and it’s something I can easily do. Yep! No fancy titles for me – I’ll take the job and let them chuck the fancy title.

Bond Shands
Palm Springs

p.s.  Best Wishes for the happiest of holidays to all.


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