Local Broadcaster Stephen Kelly Snubbed by The Desert Sun

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Palm Springs, CA.   The Desert Sun has decreed next decade’s 45th Congressional District campaign face-off between relatively novice politician Steve Pougnet and incumbent Mary Bono Mack the most “important local campaign in the months ahead“.
The paper views 2010’s David vs Goliathress encounter as a serious
event and has launched a new section on its website dedicated to
complete coverage of the race. They’re pulling together stories – local
and national – in an effort to provide readers with more than most need
or probably care to know. And yet, they’ve already missed or
deliberately overlooked at least one important story that’s clearly
relevant to coverage of the campaign.

First, some background. The Coachella Valley is Rush Limbaugh country and his local radio home is KSPI NewsTalk Radio. Rush is on weekdays from 9 am until noon spreading his message, typically one of intentional hate and nastiness, to satisfy the appetites of the faithful somewhere out there on the far right in radio land. Local KPSI broadcaster Steve Kelly’s little 8 am morning talk show is actually the opening act for Limbaugh and it’s one Kelly carries off with something approaching sang-froid. Limbaugh, of course, is nationally famous and that makes Kelly a very important personage in his own right.

It was recently disclosed that famous personage Steve Kelly has a FaceBook page and so does Mary Bono Mack. It was also reported that Bono Mack had recentlyfriendedKelly on FaceBook. In the same news was revelation Mayor Steve Pougnet has shown no interest in “friending” famous personage Steve Kelly on FaceBook. So, out of two possibilities, Kelly has but one friend. This is the type of campaign stuff we need to know – real National Inquirer quality material. Why hasn’t it been reported on the new “45th CD” web page and why did The Desert Sun snub Steve Kelly?

This blog is calling for a boycott of The Desert Sun, the Palm Springs Sun, the Cathedral City Sun, the Rancho Mirage Sun, the Palm Desert Sun, the La Quinta Sun, the Desert Hot Springs Sun, the Indo Sun, the Coachella Sun, the Indian Wells Sun and the Thermal Sun (is there really a Thermal Sun?) by all Rush Limbaugh/Steve Kelly fans. We need to unite, to demonstrate, to dirty Desert Sun official vehicle tires with cold, left-over Lattes, and to sing loudly, A Capella, outside their headquarters office windows. Until we are successful and our goals are met (goals list still being drawn) it should be made clear none will support a “45th CD” political web page that discriminates against Limbaugh, and his opening act, the almost friendless Steve Kelly. It’s time to fight, we shall overcome, our battle has just begun. Ladies and Gentlemen, “Remember the Maine!”

Postscript disclaimer. This blog was not underwritten from the personal funds of Hot Rod Pacheco.

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