The Desert Sun Fudges Story Headlines

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The Desert Sun’s Washington Bureau posted a short article on yesterday about Representative Mary Bono Mack, R-Palm Springs, and her lack of influence in congress. It reported the results of a study by that placed her 309th out of 435 House members based on their relative influence, legislative activity and earmarks. The title of the story was “Bono Mack not powerful in House, study says“.

Later in the day an expanded version of the same story was posted on that included short blurbs about Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif and Senator Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. The report is quoted as ranking Senator Feinstein 8th and Senator Boxer 26th out of 100 Senators in influence, etc. The title of the story was expanded to read “Study: Bono Mack ranks toward bottom of power among House members“.

Today’s newspaper readers have been treated to a bit of editorial political chicanery. There’s a reworked and longer version of the story in this morning’s The Desert Sun’s newspaper. The segments mentioning Senators Feinstein and Boxer continue to be rather brief and most of the article is devoted to Representative Bono Mack. The article is clearly about her low influence ranking, but the Bono Mack name has been removed from the headline. The Bono Mack story headline now reads “Congresswomen climb Washington power ranks“.

Newspapers, whether on the right or on the left, often intentionally slant their news reporting to favor a particular bias and I submit the case here as just one more example of that practice. The Desert Sun newspaper is one of Representative Bono Mack’s strong supporters and they don’t wish to embarrass her by drawing attention to failures. The newspaper isn’t doing readers a favor, for our valley needs to seek out and elect officeholders who are effective, influential and able to “bring home the bacon”. The report clearly shows that Bono Mack does not possess those attributes and is unable to achieve results. We need better representation.

Bond Shands

Palm Springs

March 7, 2008


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