Calling all candidates: Smile, it’s “Watch the Birdie” time!

 If you’re a Coachella Valley candidate whose name will be appearing on the November ballot, Pit Bull with LipstickThe
Desert Sun wants to take your picture and put you in the movies.
They’re acquired Web cams, staff practice sessions have ended, some
have Web cam operator talent and they’ve learned how to make the
cameras work. The next step is to find something to do with them.
Models are needed and they realize there’s none more willing to be
photographed than political candidates. A call has been issued to the
target political group and to get your free moments of fame, contact
them at “I’m ready for my closeup”. You’ll need to make yourself available between September 23-25 and prepare a 60 second statement touting your candidacy.

Lipstick not required.




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